Torino Leather Company is the premier US manufacturer and supplier of fine belts and leather goods and is
very proud to call New Orleans home. The rich heritage New Orleans possesses makes a perfect setting for
Torino Leather’s old world craftsmanship. Through the years, our customers have come to know Torino Leather
products for their outstanding quality and enduring classic styling. Torino Leather emerged after Katrina in a
location that we hope is safe from hurricane flood waters. Our experienced craftspeople moved back to New
Orleans after evacuating to other states. Torino Leather’s four partners invested in new equipment and raw
materials and started production in early 2006. The business has continued to grow steadily since that time. Our
skilled artisans take great pride in the products they produce. Most have worked with Torino Leather since its
inception and have contributed in a major way to our success and growth. Although extremely challenging,
those tough times have made us all stronger and more committed to making Torino Leather successful. Torino
Leather is committed to its mission of being the superior brand of American luxury leather products.
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