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In 1966, The Captain’s Quarters commenced building a reputation as "The One Men’s Store That Really Does Care".  
We care that the expectations of our clients are consistently exceeded, we care that each visitor is richly rewarded with
prompt, courteous service, and we particularly care that each carefully selected item of men’s clothing, sportswear,
furnishings and accessories provide lasting value and complete satisfaction.  The continuity of this vision has been
unwavering for over 50 years because the founder and president of the Captain’s Quarters is actively engaged, week
in and week out, to assure that being "The One Men’s Store That Really Does Care” is not just another slogan. So,
whether you’re a brand new “Tiger Scout”, a prospective groom, a recent graduate seeking employment, you’re on the
first rung up the corporate ladder, or have finally reached the “top rung”, think of the Captain’s Quarters in Traverse
City, Michigan as “one stop shopping".  A visit to one of the most complete formal wear departments you can imagine,
or any of the other clothing departments to insure your upward mobility or to, finally, reward your ascension to that
corner office, you’re sure to find that we are truly,
“The One Men’s Store That Really Does Care"!
151 East Front Street   •  Downtown Traverse City   •   (231) 946-7066
record eagle hot 100 winner